Fictional Examples

There are many applications of social technology . Among them are the one described on the front page of this site: dividing students into classes.   I have discussed some ways of doing this in various works of experimental fiction,  Sites devoted to two of them include that for the Green School System and in more detail on the Social Tech Schools website.

I urge people to come up with their own solutions to this problem and other aspects of social technology applied to education.  I will publish anything remotely plausible here.

I regret that so far all of my own ideas have been been set in the context of Engineered Social Environments.  These are social environments  which suffer suffer from all the ills of social engineering,  which is associated with the top-down application of power, instead of the bottom-up organization of society through the provisions of tools and techniques, the real goal of social technology.

I also regret that education falls under the category of things which society needs to control.  I discuss this class of things briefly in a website called Free But Compulsory which suggests that anything society makes compulsory should also be free.  You should not have to pay for something you are required to do.  Education is the best example of this.  It seems vital to ensure that all children below a certain age get an education, by making this compulsory, but if it is so important, it should be free, as education in most developed countries is today.

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